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Simple Program /Split from when I was younger


Feb 4, 2018
I did a day from program/split I did for three years straight back in my mid twenties today. Doing this stupid simple split I got huge, and ripped, and stayed that way.

I was all about the super hero physique, so I didn’t give a shit about legs and still don’t.

However, what I thought was low volume back then I now feel is moderate volume and will get me back into shape if I can stick with it.

My point? Consistency and training your ass off ALWAYS works. Look at this basic ass routine; this got me to 204 at 8% almost year round, and I’m 5’8.

Edit: Yes, I was usually on cycle during those three years.
How does the amount of volume in this split compare to your routines?

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Similar in volume (or the 5x5 program ) nearly in volume.

Is what got me good gains & kept em coming for awhile.

In my late 30's /early 40's I was 241 heaviest , I'd say no more than 13% bf & when down low two thirdy's less than 10% most of the time .

I'd do M -Chest , Tues -back wed off, Thur legs, Fri the rest
Shoulder's & arms, if I felt like a Sat workout, alot of times I did it would be weak points, or what I ylthought I slacked on thru the week.

But you made good strides & gains because that's supposed right there in the hypertrophy /strength. Range not a powerlifting program, but also not "Pump-Queen" Bodybuilding either. That's high volume & alot of the big guys do get serious size off volume, Dexter will.not train Heavy, I'm sure he used to, Ron Love built his big frame on 185 & like 225 benching & similar , maybe a bit heavier back work. I like "functional" muscle tat is lean but still strong but I do volume myself any more or as a break to the joints & ligaments